72nd SGS Holdings, INC. Anniversary

Published On Oct 12, 2022

Quezon City, Philippines – Hexagon Group of Companies held the 72nd SGS Holdings Anniversary last April 26, 2019, at the Don Simplicio Gamboa, Sr Hall, Hexagon Corporate Center.

Executive Director, Mr. Cris P. Gamboa kick-started the program, with his welcoming remarks. He talked about leadership. He pondered why some people would never understand certain choices and decisions leaders make. He shared what he learned from his mentor, Mr. Francis Kong. “People understand based on the level of leadership they are in.” CPG said. The higher you go up as a leader, the broader your perspective would be and would help you make better decisions. He characterized the difference between the two kinds of leaders: a leader who is real and leader who is right. He reflected that he himself is a leader who is real and know how to face and deal with decisions. He closed the message with a challenge to the employees of Hexagon. “We are all a team and we should work as a team and as a family to grow together.”

After the remarks, the awarding took place. Hexagon awarded its employees, recognizing their efforts toward the meritable adherence to the conglomerate’s core values and beliefs.

Business unit’s key leaders led the awarding ceremony,  handing out forty-eight (48) individual awards across eleven (11) companies. Each award served as recognition and appreciation for the employees’ efforts and remarkable performances, like reaching their quota prior to target dates. They also have achieved higher profits than initially set by the board for this term.

The distinguished Chairman’s Award was also given to 4 key business units who have exhibited excellence in competitiveness, productivity, and growth.

We would like to congratulate all the awardees for their remarkable performance and excellence. May it serve as an encouragement to every employee to reach towards growth of their units and their clients for this coming term. May everyone be the embodiment of what it means to be a part of the Hexagon: Working together proudly with dedication, commitment and excellence.