Published On Oct 12, 2022

Quezon City, Philippines – “Drive a Culture of Excellence,” resonated Executive Director, Mr. Cris P. Gamboa, as he encouraged everyone in HGC-GM for new fiscal year at the HGC-GM kick off meeting.

The meeting was held at the Don Simplicio Gamboa, Sr. Hall located on the 17th floor of the Hexagon Corporate Center last May 17, 2019. The agenda included the Group’s plans and programs for the upcoming fiscal year.

The program opened with a prayer of thanks, followed by the singing of Hexagon hymn. CPG shared the 2018-2019 highlights, such as the transition to the new building, Hexagon Corporate Center, last May 2018. He also highlighted the transition of ISO 9001, from 2008 to 2015 version. CPG also stated other programs under the 2018-2019: NEO, Kultura, the SDP implementation, KPI 2.0, among others.

“Let’s renew our energy towards 2019,” CPG challenged everyone as he talked about 2019 plans. He implied that HGC will continue to uphold its quality policy, such as it is reflected in the plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

The following are the plans for 2019-2020:

  1. a)     HGC-GM Manual Revision (July 2019) – Reviewing and updating of company policies. The

      goal is to have an updated manual by the year 2019-2020.

  1. b)     Competency Framework (September 2019) – Employees should better themselves through

      trainings and/or coachings.

  1. c)     Business Development Ventures (December 2019) – New venture projects
  2. d)     Transaction Harmonization – speedlining the complexities through reviewing process.
  3. e)     Interim audit engagements (March 2020)

CPG closed the program with a sharing of his insights on Excellence. He asked everyone, “How do we build a Culture of Excellence?” He mentioned that receiving criticisms regarding our work can be tough and difficult.  But he stressed that we all should hear where we may have missed out, see what we may have done wrong, and accept the mistakes, no matter how simple they may be. He further encouraged all employees “to have the courage to say so, and have the ability to accept so.”

Finally, CPG shared his observation on how Filipinos act outside the country – how we are so disciplined outside our country, but are the opposite in our own country. Though not just Filipinos are doing that but also other nationalities as well. “Hindi siya negative,” CPG said, “We want do what is comfortable, what is easy kahit alam natin na mali. We have to be models of each other in Excellence.” He continued that we have successful people we can look up to as models for Excellence. But he encourages everyone to not just model someone excellent, but be the actual model of Excellence. “Sumusunod tayo sa magagaling; bakit hindi tayo ang maging magaling!  It all starts with us,” he reiterated.

“Water acquires the good and the bad quality of the channel that it passes through.” CPG shared, and with that, he welcomed everyone at HGC-GM to 2019-2020 fiscal year and ended the program.