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Empowering the Youth

At SGS Foundation we believe that young people are capable of incredible things. If more young people have exposure to inspiring ideas and opportunities and the tools to build their confidence – they can take on anything and everything.

An empowered person feel comfortable trying new things without fear. They have the confidence to take risks and are aware that failure is a step toward progress, not a sign to give up.

Youth empowerment is incredibly important – it gives kids and teens the courage to believe in themselves, to not be swayed by the opinions of others, and to go after their dreams.

Our Mission

We commit ourselves to develop globally competitive individuals by providing scholarship grants to the indigent but deserving youth.

Our Vision

We provide opportunity for a better life for the youth through education.

History of Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation, inc.

Simplicio Gamboa Sr. was born in China on 5 April 1914. He traces his roots to a peasant family who taught him during his youth the lasting virtues of industriousness, thriftiness and trustworthiness. Poverty forced him to help in farm work instead of gaining formal education. His lack of education was a handicap that boosted his resolve to succeed later in life.

At an early age of fifteen, he ventured to the Philippines equipped with courage, self-determination, oriental values and the treasured teachings of his parents. His lack of formal education made it difficult for him to find decent jobs. He had to accept menial jobs with meager pay just to survive. His early hardships in life made him realize the value of education.

While for him the opportunity for formal education had passed, he committed himself to a lifelong dream of helping others acquire the needed skills for success in the workplace. His burning commitment to help the youth never dimmed for a moment but instead, intensified throughout his life.

His dreams of helping the youth guided him in surmounting all the obstacles up the ladder of success. He established his first small store in Silay, Negros Occidental. Later, it expanded to include business interests in hardware, logging, cinema, aquaculture, alcohol and molasses, steel pipes, real estate and other related ventures. Despite his busy schedule, he always allotted valuable time for the needy youth. He engaged himself in various school and educational activities such as raising funds for school buildings, sponsoring of out-of-school youth or poverty stricken students, sitting in school boards, school advisory functions and other similar activities. He was not known to have turned down any solicitation earmarked for schools or curricular improvement and development.

Yet, Mr. Simplicio Gamboa, Sr. lived an austere, unpretentious and humble life. He avoided the comfortable trappings of luxury and ostentation. He was a man whose life richly deserves to be emulated by everyone.

He raised his family amidst all adversity. Despite all the problems, he remained very solicitous, concerned and loving to them. He demanded discipline yet was most forgiving and understanding. He gave advice and guided his children in handling their business interests. Revered and respected by friends, associates and acquaintances, this grand old man peacefully passed away on 17 August 1993 with the entire family at his bedside. In his loving memory, the anniversary day of the Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation, Inc. is commemorated and observed on his death anniversary.

The Concept & The Beginning

As early as 1990, the children of Mr. Simplicio Gamboa, Sr. based on an idea germinated by Mr. Bonnie Gamboa have decided to immortalize their father’s passion for formal education by establishing a foundation in his name. The foundation envisions to pursue the granting of educational scholarships to poor but deserving students. Today, the SGS Foundation, Inc. solemnly perpetuates the principles and idealism of their father. Organized as a non-stock, non-profit corporation, the Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation, Inc. was initially capitalized with funds donated by the business of the Gamboa Family. Mr. Simplicio Gamboa, Sr., himself, donated a seven hundred square meter piece of land where the SGS Foundation Building proudly stands and it was inaugurated in April 1993. Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation, Inc. was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1991 with SEC Registration # AN91-190325.

It was Don Simplicio Sr.’s love for others that serves as our inspiration to continue his legacy by giving the less fortunate a chance of a brighter future through college scholarships. Its operation is being funded through the generous donations of unit companies of Hexagon Group and our valuable donors.

During the early years, we were just organizing and getting everything in order. It was until after a couple of years since our founding that we were able to sponsor our first batch of scholars. As the years went by, we continued operating with a lean organization and a modest budget, sponsoring only five to eight scholars a year. We were able to produce our first set of graduates in 1998. They were five graduates that time. Every year, we would be happy to be able to increase our scholar count. It would increase from 12 to 15 and then 20 to 30 at a given time. By 2011, we were able to sponsor 60 + scholars at a time. And we even expanded our reach from schools in Metro Manila to those of other parts of the country, including Bacolod, Negros, the home province of Don Simplicio Sr. To date; we are sponsoring 140 scholars this year. And open 30 slots for two (2) years Vocational courses.

As for the graduates, from the first batch of five in 1998, we would start averaging 5 to 10 graduates every year. The pursuit of education is not easy. But through hard work and perseverance of our scholars, most of them if not all were able to finish and some we are proud to say were able to graduate with honors. This year, we are happy to have fifty-two (52) graduates, thirty two (32) of whom graduated with honors.

Overall the foundation has 399 graduates to date. And they are all pursuing different careers and building a bright future for themselves.

Transcending the bounds, the foundation also organizes Medical Mission to give free medical check-up and medicines to the senior citizens of a specific community, Outreach Programs to the home for the orphans at Hospicio de San Jose, to the cancer patients at Philippine Children’s Medical Center, to the abandoned and neglected children and youth at Bacolod Boy’s Home and Bacolod Girl’s Home, and Sustainable Livelihood Programs that enables to strengthen the skills, competencies, abilities and resources of Poor Filipino families and create an income-generating opportunities like food processing, that geared towards helping mothers of some scholars become more employable.

Partner Schools for Scholarship Program

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