Eureka Coldega Corporation Groundbreaking

Published On Nov 18, 2022

In 2017, SGS Holdings, Inc. (SGSHI) celebrated its 70th anniversary, with the theme “Innovating through the Next. Our Executive Director, Cris Gamboa said that “It is a call for us to recreate ourselves, to better serve our stakeholders, and to succeed this and the next generations to come.”

In November 2018, the SGSHI Board of Directors put this call into action through a Board Retreat. After much discussion and reflection, the Board decided that the next business venture of SGSHI is to be into the Warehousing and Logistics Industry. It is an industry that is very promising, with the continued economic growth in the Philippines and in the ASEAN region. This decision of the Board led to various actions taken by Group Management – Business Development Division. This included the search and eventual purchase of a 29,260 sqm property in Balagtas, Bulacan and the continuing multiple studies on the best use of the land. 

In May 2022, the Board approved the plan to construct a Cold Storage Facility that will serve as SGSHI’s newest business venture.

The Cold Storage Facility will operate under the name Eureka Coldega Corporation. Eureka, apart from its literal meaning of an expression of triumph or discovery, is considered to be one of the coldest places on earth located on Ellesmere Island in Canada’s northern Nunavut territory.

Coldega, on the other hand, combines the word “Cold” and “Bodega, a new terminology, which we hope helps us position ourselves in the growing Cold Storage Market in the Philippines.

Strategically located near the new Bulacan Airport, the project will be broken down into two phases- phase 1 of which we hope to ground break this September 2022. Apart from its strategic location, the facility is designed for operational efficiency with many loading docks, wide loading bays, and ante room aisles. Moreover, it is designed for best use and flexible storage options for our target customers. The warehouse will also be energy efficient as we intend to use a solar panel system to ensure the sustainability of our facility. 

Amidst the many uncertainties and challenges surrounding our world today, we are optimistic that this venture will help us heed this new call “Leading Through the New.” We seek each employee’s and stakeholders’ prayer and support as we plan, construct and eventually open the first Cold Storage facility to be operated under SGSHI.