Diamond Jubilee Celebration – SGS Holdings, Inc

Published On Nov 18, 2022

A special milestone requires a special celebration – SGS Holdings, Inc. celebrated its 75th anniversary at EDSA Shangri-la, its first gathering since the pandemic restrictions. It was attended by stakeholders, family members, partners, employees and special guests from different parts of the world, an event full of celebration of winning.

Despite the challenges that the pandemic brought, a number of business units exceeded their goals and were awarded with special recognition. These achievements were made possible because of the employees who have not only shown their efforts during the pandemic, but also their dedication to the company throughout the decades. With that, the employees who have been part of SGS Holdings, Inc.  for more than a decade were recognized and awarded as well.

The event was also graced by Lorraine Belo-Cincochan of Wilcon Depot, and Derick Tan of Magna Gold Pharma Inc., guest speakers of the night who shared their words of inspiration, especially on how they strived during the pandemic lockdown.

Video presentations were prepared that  presented employees’ life during the pandemic, adapting to new trends, the third generation of leaders and the groundbreaking of Eureka Coldega Corporation, the company’s newest venture. Talented employees also serenaded the night with wonderful songs over dinner.

Aside from celebrating the 75th anniversary, this was also a time to thank the former Chairman, Mr. Bonnie Gamboa for his many years of service and dedication to the company. He was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award. There was also a special presentation that honored his work and wished him a well-deserved retirement life.

The new Executive Chairman, Cris Gamboa, has a message for everyone for the Diamond Jubilee Milestone of SGS Holdings, Inc.:

“A diamond jubilee is a milestone not every organization can achieve and celebrate. To last this long, it requires intentionality, passion, perseverance, unity, and integrity. It is my great blessing to wish us all a Prosperous Diamond Jubilee! On behalf of the leadership of SGS Holdings, Inc., I thank every Hexagonian and your respective families for your contribution to who we are today. In the same way, I extend us to be their partners through the many changing seasons.

Every year, we remember the vision that my grandfather, Don Simplicio Gamboa Sr, had for this company. That is, to not just provide for his family, but to its community of stakeholders too. The need to remember our roots and foundation empowers us to move towards our future destination. Our celebration theme is Leading Through the New. The world, in a very short span of time, has changed in a myriad of ways in an unprecedented manner. In the new normal, the biggest opportunity in our lifetime is presenting itself in our doors. A new trend of buyer experience that requires efficiency and complexity transcends every market and industry, be it a corporate buyer or consumer. Information today is vast and has become cheap to access, which translates to tighter competition. Technology has also made dents across many different industries. The fourth industrial revolution is making a swift transformation of how things are done, which will redefine how the markets will shape our customers in the new normal. Our leadership must take the immediate step in defining and providing for the right environment where our people can grow. Innovation is a corporate value that we should continue to embody, so that SGS may thrive to our 150th year of existence.

In the next five years, the board of SGS has approved to undertake a new venture in Bulacan. It is part of our expansion and growth plans when we have embarked our call to Innovate Through the Next during our 70th anniversary celebration. It is with great pride that I announce the establishment of Eureka Coldega Corporation. Our intention is to support the projected growth of industries like agriculture. food, e-commerce, healthcare and pharmaceuticals in terms of providing cost-effective and safe warehousing.

To my fellow Hexagonians, as we begin another journey towards a new milestone for our growing SGS family, I invite you to keep living the Hexagon way — be excellent, be innovative, take the lead, be committed, strengthen the team and live with concern for others. In whatever role you do, serve our customers well and keep our winning culture on a streak.

God bless us all, and may we all be prosperous in all our ways.”