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Bridge of Success – Jennielaine E. Habulan

Sincere, Generous and Surely reliable - SGS gave emphasis to these words. I was once blown with my family's situation and it was almost impossible for me to pursue studies even though I was in a state university.

Gift from God – Divina Rose A. Gonzales

Time flies so fast. After many years of waiting, I finally got my degree. One of my goals in life was unlocked by the help of my family, Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation and through the guidance of our almighty God. I still can't believe that I made it.

Irene M. Laroa

First of all, I would like to thank God for this opportunity to finally finish my studies, without Him, I would not be where I am today. I thank my beloved parents, who are always there to support me over the years.

Jake N. Casiple

First and foremost I have to thank God for so many things. I want to thank Him for being patient with me when I knew I was not committed to him the way I was supposed to.  I want to thank God for the trials and problems I faced throughout college, because they helped me to put him first.  Without God I know I would not have made it through college.

Glimpse of Hope – Arnelyn S. Pactao-in

My story of gratefulness started when Simplicio Gamboa Sr. (SGS) Foundation Inc. gave me hope and opened a lot of opportunities for me. It was such a privilege to be one of the chosen scholars of the Foundation.

The Grateful Privileged – Arielle Y. Alontaga

This isn’t about me; this is about how SGS Foundation had changed my life; thus I call myself, the grateful privileged. Simplicio Gamboa, Sr. (SGS) Foundation, Inc. came into my life and I started to weave dreams and goals; became inspired and motivated.

The Pillars Behind Me – Ivy S. Sumpay

I know I am nothing without these pillars who made everything I have right now into success--My family, JBC family, friends, SGS Foundation family and the Lord God Almighty.

John Rowell M. Maraon

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.” This quote represents my belief that education plays a significant role in our lives. It is an important medium of acquiring essential knowledge and skills that equip us in dealing with the complexities of life.


Believe with No Doubts – Verna Jane L. San Jose

“When I grow up, I want to be a teacher because I want to be like my teacher who is very good in teaching us. Like her, I like to help other children who do not know how to read and write. Someday, I want to help our family and give you a convenient life.”

Raymond Paulo G. Ramos

"Don't ever give up! You're loved no matter what," That's what my mom used to tell me; A statement that always motivates me.

Nelrose P. Ortega

Some would say that it is easy to be an Accountancy student, but I must say that it was a tough fight to become a graduating BSA student.

Melle Rose H. Casibo

Entering college is never easy as they say. It challenged not only me but the whole family physically, mentally and financially. That is why I thank all those people behind the Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation

Never Give Up – Jerom P. Aboy

We face many difficult challenges every day. Sometimes it tests ourselves to bring our best to conquer the challenges that come and I tell myself to not give up no matter what happens.

Strive for What is Good – Dan Joshua S. Abrazaldo

I am writing to thank you for your generous financial support on my education. Being part of your scholarship has greatly reduced the financial burden of my family, given me peace of mind, and allowed me to continue to pursue my educational dreams.

Gratitude – Angelica A. Adrias

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation for the generosity that they gave to me and to my other co-scholars.

Mixed Emotions – Danielle Kaye G. Talanay

Isn’t it weird how you feel all the emotions when you graduate? Like, why can’t we just feel one particular emotion and experience the rest later? Well, it’s because these feelings tend to be contradictory.

Treshia May S. Estrosas

Someone said, “Life is about taking risks, there will be no change if you do not take any risk.” That is why I risk leaving the comfort zone of my rural hometown, ventured alone with very little money, to the big City to further my education...

Noel Malihan Lapenied

I've been through a roller coaster of experiences with too many ups and downs.  Nevertheless, it was all worth it, as the saying goes, "nothing worth having comes easy."

Marycris L. Martir

I knew I have to sail away from my safe harbor when I started college.

Lyka C. Almodiel

Thank You! These words defined how I feel as I am writing this now; though I know that my “thank you” is not enough to express how grateful I am, to be a scholar of Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation.

Joren B. Dayanan

Graduation is the result of one’s determination and perseverance.  I made it to the finish line of my college journey after all the stressful days and sleepless nights of beating deadlines.  I finally reached this milestone after four years of hard work!

Myra Antonette D. Oscianas

Having this Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree is only the first step, for we still have to take a Licensure Examination. Yet, all of these would not be possible if it was not the will of God.