Human Resource Operations Assistant


Responsible for establishing and maintaining all employee records and to ensure that all information is accurate, updated and secured. Ensure timely processing of employee movements.


Technical Duties: 

  • Organizes and maintains Group Management and Business Unit Employee records (201 files) and ensures records are updated.
  • Prepares PMR and Employment Contract of newly hired employees.
  • Monitors Personnel Movement processed by the Business Unit.
  • Acts as User Data Administrator of HRIS and Employee Online and ensures timely enrollment, deletion of employee account and update of approver.
  • Ensure that Personnel movements are properly documented and promptly processed and immediately inform the Payroll section of such movements.
  • Ensures all Newly Hired and Separated Employees are timely endorsed to the Benefits Section for inclusion and deletion of PAI and HMO.
  • Generates HR Monthly Reports such Manpower Headcount, resigned employees, etc. and other reports.
  • Prepares and processes Certificate of Employment requested by the Employee/Business Unit and separated employees prior releasing of final pay.
  • Responsible for the release of final pay and ensuring that all required documents are acknowledged/signed properly by the resigned employee.
  • Verify problems relative to the HR System and the like thereafter, take immediate action/steps within the functional boundaries to promptly address the problems noted then make necessary updates to concern personnel.
  • Monitors and issues notice for evaluation and regularization of probationary employees to concerned immediate supervisors/heads. Make necessary follow-up if needed.
  • Ensures completion of HRO project deliverables (if any).

Administrative Duties:

  • Ensures that 201 files are intact for each employee and ensures that submitted documents are validated and updated.
  • Check and endorse to Treasury the BDO ATM application of newly hired employees.
  • Conduct EOS orientation to all newly hired employees during NEO.
  • Maintain records of active and inactive Employees.
  • Enroll newly hired employees of Group Management Biometrics.
  • Ensure that all employees are issued with a Company Identification Card.
  • Receives, checks and routes Separation Clearance of Separated Employee.
  • Ensure compliance of the department to QMS procedure and ISO standard requirements.
  • Performs other tasks assigned by HRO Manager/HCD Director.

Other Support Duties:

  • Monthly bridging session with the Business Unit HR.
  • Accomplishment of GM 4DX activities.
  • Takes primary responsibility in safekeeping and updating copies of the DMS Records Masterlist. Safekeeping and updating ISO related documents and implementing proper file management.


  • Graduate of BSBA major in Human Resources, Business Administration, Information Technology, Industrial Engineering or similar field preferred.
  • Preferably with 6 months to 1 year experience.
  • Have experience in HR Data Analytics and Document & Data Control
  • Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply