HR Assistant

Responsible for ensuring the proper implementation of Human Capital policies and procedures. Responsible for the administrative duties related to Recruitment, Data Management, and Employee Engagement.


• Assure that job openings are completed within the approved and agreed SLA.
• Assist in the hiring process such as but not limited to sourcing, interview, background check and etc.
• Prepares and collates documents of candidates and new hires
• Assures that all job descriptions are updated, complete and submitted on time
• Assures that all performance management are updated, complete and submitted on time
• Announces to all employees new hires, as needed
• Drafts Job descriptions, Job Offer, memorandums, etc.
• Other duties assigned related to Human Capital
• Contributes to the development, implementation and communication of HC policies, procedures, and forms.
• Submits appropriate/reliable reports depending on the need;

Data Management
• Processes documentation and prepares reports relating personnel activities (recruitment, performance evaluation, etc). Keeps meticulous record of employees in the form of 201 files.
• Maintains filing and similar systems used by the Group Management to ensure that information is readily accessible.
• Manages and prepares the documents of employees such as but not limited to Certificate of Employment, Employment Verification, BIR 2316, Contracts, Appointment Letters, etc.

Employee Engagement
• Proposes and conducts activities that help motivate the employees.
• Coordinates with suppliers/business partners for the needed materials/services for a certain event.
• Works with the Head of Human Capital and Admin in ensuring that all activities are within the approved budget.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be a college graduate of Psychology, Human Resources, or any business-related course
  • Preferably with at least six months of related work experience