You are Beautiful

By: Joyce Ann A. Lopez
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Financial Management
East Systems Colleges of Rizal

You are beautiful. Stop throwing judgment on yourself, that you are ugly, undeserving and a failure for you are not. You are absolutely beautiful just the way you are. You are destined to stand and shine not hide nor isolate for it slays your beauty slowly. You are destined to be branded not by trying to be somebody else but to be yourself. Stop blaming yourself for being lost and discourage at times, but keep on searching your purpose and worth instead. Seek people who will love and trust you. Stop comparing yourself with others, their beauty, lifestyle and possessions were not fitted for you. You have loveliness that others don’t have. Your lifestyle is incomparable for it teaches you, it molds you and it makes you stronger. Love yourself and embrace who you are. That is the beginning point of building yourself up in achieving your goals and dreams and making a history that will impact the lives of others.

Your physical appearance will not define your identity. You are uniquely beautiful and attractive and you should be the one to appreciate yourself and so people will see it too, know your value and that will give you enough confidence in life no matter what comes your way, no intimidation, no comparison can make feel so small  for you are fearfully and wonderfully made indeed!