Myra Antoinette D. Oscianas
     Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
     Carlos Hilado Memorial State College – Fortune Towne Campus

“In everything give thanks for this is the will of God, in Christ Jesus for you.”

Having this Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree is only the first step, for we still have to take a Licensure Examination. Yet, all of these would not be possible if it was not the will of God.  Our goals would have remained a dream if not for God’s blessings.  We have now achieved the goal of graduating with a degree; and are now closer to achieving our next goals, with the lot of help from God’s instruments, one of which is the Simplicio Gamboa Sr. (SGS) Foundation.

My college life, like that of others, was not easy.  I had downfalls, sleepless nights, worries for what tomorrow may bring.  My self-esteem was even affected when I lost the chance to graduate with Latin Honor; but I thought positive.  I cannot dwell on the negative as there are other more pressing goals to reach for.  I have to finish the degree my parents want me to have, and I finally managed to graduate!  I made it to the graduation march and received my diploma on stage, just not with flying colors (Latin Honor) – sorry for that. I know that being a college graduate is just the beginning of our true battle. I will keep on doing better to make my parents and SGS Foundation proud.

With a heart full of gratitude, I would like to thank you, Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation, for the support you had given me. The grant was really of great help to my studies, and of course to my family. Without your financial aid, my college life would have been very tough. Thank you for giving us, your beneficiaries, hopes for a brighter future. Above all, these things would not be in place without the grace and blessings of our Father Almighty.  May He continue to bless the deeds and intentions of SGS Foundation, as well as the people behind this Foundation. May you have more scholars who are worthy of your kindness and hard work.  God bless us all!