The Realm of Reality

By: Crisamor Rose P. Clarisa
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
Our Lady of Fatima University – Antipolo

It was so dark that time that even the sun can’t shine. No light. The plants withered. No water and there’s even no food that enters in their greenery veins. The nutrients fade and everything ended up having no fruit at all. But it was fortunate- someone’s magical hands had helped. No doubt. There are still always chances and charms above all.

She was now in her first year college taking up Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Since then, she loves everything about science.  She wants asking testable explanations and predictions about the universe and maybe that made her to choose, entering a science profession. She came from a family equipped with words of God, tender love and endless care. And with that, she was able to cope up with lots of difficulties in and out believing that money was never been an issue, as ever.

When she was in elementary years, she’d been exposed into struggles and rivalries. Neither pen nor paper yet she was able to fight odds knowing that she had the sword of “education: wisdom”.  Yesterday’s time has always been part of what is her today. She’d experienced the face of poverty, the scarcity of food, less to opportunities and bags of challenges yet with all of those, she was able to pamper what the realm of reality- education is the key to success.

She remembers the day when she first learned to ride a bike. It was a frightening, yet fun experience. Her dad was the one who taught her, and her dad helped her when she always got hurt. The first time she ever got on a bike, she had no idea what she was doing, and just about everything went wrong. The handlebars were backwards, and so her helmet. Her dad told her to just put her feet on the pedals and start peddling. Her dad also told her she would hold onto the back of the bike the whole time, yet she didn’t. A best example of how she ride her life and with this she continually believes that no matter how tough life is, you still need to continue and pursue where all of your dreams would go on. As what the saying goes, “life is like riding a bicycle, to stay you must keep moving”.

She’s now in maturity. Yes to numbers of failures and masses of mistakes yet she was able to combat those because of her positivity. She smiles under pressure, laugh behind snags, jump against high bulwarks, swim the deepest briny, walk the boulevard and run the tribunals. But most of all, she’s on trust and faith with Him above all, shredding negativity nonetheless contest what life brings on.

She is Crisamor Rose P. Clarisa, 19 years of age- a proud rider of the realm of reality.