The Pillars Behind Me

Ivy S. Sumpay – Magna Cum Laude
Bachelor of Science Secondary Education (Major in English)
Mary the Queen College of Quezon City

      I know I am nothing without these pillars who made everything I have right now into success–My family, JBC family, friends, SGS Foundation family and the Lord God Almighty. With this appreciation message, I would like to take this opportunity to specially thank my academic support throughout my college – Simplicio Gamboa Sr. (SGS) Foundation, Inc.

      There will always be these people behind in every person’s success; recognizing that fact is a must and is such a humbling thing to do. Truly, SGS foundation is one of the greatest contributors of mine. Thank you for being one of the strongest pillars I’ve had towards my dream; for the endeavors and never ending help you have showered in me. I would love to express my deepest gratitude for these kindhearted people, who have seen the need to save the future of the youth through educational assistance; and I am blessed to be privileged with such grant I’ve never thought of getting. Thank you for teaching me the value of education and perseverance as we achieve success in our lives. For all the care and generosity of SGS Foundation, it taught me to appreciate all the things I receive, and it made me realize that it’s much more blessed to give than to receive. I’ve been graced with such blessing of the Lord through granting me this privilege.

      Thank you, SGS Foundation. Your leaving impact will be carved in our hearts forever. I will always pray for this company to continually abound in prosperity and humility as they grow through the years. To God be all the glory!