The Grateful Privileged

     Arielle Y. Alontaga – Cum Laude
     Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English
     Carlos Hilado Memorial State College – Talisay Campus

This isn’t about me; this is about how SGS Foundation had changed my life; thus I call myself, the grateful privileged. Simplicio Gamboa, Sr. (SGS) Foundation, Inc. came into my life and I started to weave dreams and goals; became inspired and motivated.  It was because SGS Foundation’s Bacolod Officer-In-Charge (who prefers to remain anonymous), saw the potentials far beyond the words of my story. How grateful I am that SGS Foundation had such compassionate and wise officers working for the Foundation’s good intentions. Her support became my inspiration in whatever endeavor I am in.  Her tough love and discipline strengthened me to perform more than what is required of me as a scholar. The laughter and joy, the life lessons in our conversations whenever I visit her to submit my renewal requirements, will always be treasured and remembered.

To become an SGS scholar is an achievement to be proud of, because there are so many applicants and only the poorest and most deserving can become an SGS scholar. Here, you have to work yourself to success because you were given the privilege to build a career and a future out of their financial, spiritual and emotional support. Here, you would acquire the initiative, habits and skills which are essential in life’s battles. One of the many things I learned from being an SGS scholar is that you must always have a pen and paper wherever you go because that is a mark of a scholar. All Negros / Bacolod scholars would know this. I am glad I am an SGS Scholar.

Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation gave me the strongest motivation to graduate as Cum Laude, not only because of the Foundation’s reward for Latin Honor graduates, but because I want to prove that I can do it; and I want to dedicate this Latin Honor to the Foundation to show my utmost gratitude to the Foundation for giving me the chance to be the best that I can be.

Indeed, I am a privileged one. To all the big-hearted people behind the Foundation’s generosity, especially to Mr. Juanito Gamboa, who remains such a simple man despite being the Chairman of the Board of such a big Foundation; you will all be a part of me always, and I will never be complete without all of you. May you continue to be an inspiration to all your deserving and committed scholars.  For the person I am today, thank you! For the person I will be someday, still thank you, for SGS Foundation is the Foundation on which my future was built! You will always be my inspiration. Thank you so much for the mark that you have left in my heart. It will never fade and will always be remembered.

THANK YOU is an understatement for everything but still, a million thanks to all of you.