Mixed Emotions

     Danielle Kaye G. Talanay
     Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English
     Mary the Queen College of Quezon City

            Isn’t it weird how you feel all the emotions when you graduate? Like, why can’t we just feel one particular emotion and experience the rest later? Well, it’s because these feelings tend to be contradictory.

            Graduating from a Bachelor’s degree is a milestone for everyone. It means you are maturely ready to face a new journey in your life and intellectually dominant to make career-wise choices. Happiness and sadness are what we graduates feel in that situation. We’re sad because of the questions in our head “What will happen next?” or “What now?” It’s haunting to even think of it because we’re scared to fail in life. But once you walk up the stage and receive the diploma, because it’s something you’ve worked hard for, now that’s happiness. With all that lie the help of a lot of people.

            With each passing year of me being a scholar of Simplicio Gamboa Sr.Foundation, I have felt most grateful to the company for helping me reach one of my goals in life – to graduate in college. There had been many obstacle in my life that I never thought I’d survive, and I doubted if I can even continue my studies, but God is good! He is true to his words – “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

            He placed me in a position where I thought was hopeless, only to rescue me and comfort me with an open door. When in your lowest, you only need to run to God, because he’s the only one who knows your life and purpose on this earth. Then, you’ll only feel joy in your life.

            My gratitude goes to the SGS Foundation, Ma’am Julie for being a great and caring coordinator, my co-scholars turned to friends, and my superb best friend, Ivy Sumpay. My family also sends their appreciation and wish only God’s great blessings for the company as it helps even more deserving students in their journey. May we all be an inspiration that in times of discouragement, there’s always a helping hand.