Marycris L. Martir
     Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology
     Carlos Hilado Memorial State College – Fortune Towne Campus

I knew I have to sail away from my safe harbor when I started college. The classmates I’m comfortable with will be no longer around; the environment is going to be different; the loads of work are going to be heavier; and the schedule I am going to have will be more hectic than what it used to be — I need to adapt in order to survive. 

The course BS in Accountancy demands so much studying time and huge amount of faith and hard work. You have to deal with and understand various theories which served as the foundation in solving accounting problems. Sleep-deprivation and indecent or skipped meals are just normal for Accountancy students. 

Unfortunately, in third year, I had to shift to BS in Accounting Technology since I did not satisfy the retention requirements for the BS in Accountancy program — I got a grade lower than 85 in an Accounting subject during my second year. This was a shameful thing for me because I have failed people’s expectations. However, there were people who motivated me to press on because life does not stop there.  Among them are my parents and the people behind SGS Foundation. 

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my parents who have been there since day one and for staying through thick and thin. Thank you for your support in all forms and for the endless love and understanding. 

To the SGS Foundation, you have led me a step closer to my dreams. I am forever grateful to you because I have been able to focus on my studies and finish my degree without paying a cent for school fees. You are indeed a blessing! 

To the few friends I have, thank you for being part of my journey. You have brought out some of my hidden potentials and bring out the best in me. I am blessed to know you and be part of your lives too. 

Above all, to Almighty God who has taught me to rise above the storms and who has given me the strength in the midst of the trials, thank You for the guidance and for surrounding me with people who have taught me great lessons in life. Without You, I would not have made it all.