Joren B. Dayanan
     Bachelor in English Education
     Philippine Normal University – Visayas

“Education is most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

Graduation is the result of one’s determination and perseverance.  I made it to the finish line of my college journey after all the stressful days and sleepless nights of beating deadlines.  I finally reached this milestone after four years of hard work!

To be an education student was never easy.  You need to be tough in any circumstances.  You need to have dedication and commitment to do everything required of you.  There are times when I want to give up and quit due to lack of financial means to fulfill the many requirements to be submitted.  However, I always bear in mind that when life is dragging you with difficulty, it means that it will launch you to something better and worthy.  Every challenge has a fruitful reward.  A nightmare can turn into a dream come true.

I want to spray the sweetest perfume of gratitude to all the extraordinary people who had contributed to the realization of my dream.  Thank you to all who became part of my journey and offered help to make this possible.

To our almighty father, thank you for the gift of life.  Thank you for your blessings and guidance throughout this journey, for giving me strength and courage to face all adversities.

To my mother, Deolita B. Dayanan, who had been my saving grace, my champion and my fan, thank you for your unconditional love.   The hardship we endured finally paid off.

To my father, Dominador M. Dayanan, who has been the source of my strength in pursuing this degree, thank you for your unending support in every way all the way.  I know that you are already tired but you keep on working hard just to support me in school. This success is all for you.

To my siblings, thank you for the love  and support.  Thank you for being the source of happiness of our family.

To my SGS (Simplicio Gamboa Sr.) Foundation Family, thank you for the financial support. You gave me the light to get thru the dark.  To Dr. Lily Go of SGS Foundation, thank you for the motivation and inspiration.  Words are not enough to express my deepest gratitude.

To my Alma mater, beloved instructors, friends and classmates, thank you for shaping my character and strenghtening my faith in God. Thank you for leading me to the right path, for the knowledge and formation that helped me become the best version of me.  May the Lord be most glorified, bless you and thank you so much.