Jake N. Casiple – Cum Laude
     Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino
     Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

First and foremost I have to thank God for so many things. I want to thank Him for being patient with me when I knew I was not committed to him the way I was supposed to.  I want to thank God for the trials and problems I faced throughout college, because they helped me to put him first.  Without God I know I would not have made it through college. There were certain times I knew I wasn’t going to pass a class and I don’t know how God did it, but on my report card I had a passing grade. I thank God for allowing everything to fall into place once I truly put him first.

I am honored for having been selected as a recipient of the Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation Scholarship program. Thank you for your generosity, which has allowed me to continue my college journey.  Without a scholarship, students like me would be unable to pursue our college degrees.  Indeed you are a blessing for me.

Thanks to SGS Foundation, my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher is on track.  Growing up in a less privileged community, I encountered financial and academic challenges, but it has also helped me realize the value of a college education.

I am very hopeful that the SGS Foundation Scholarship Program will continue to lend a hand by giving scholarships to students who are in need and deserving.

To everyone who helped me throughout my college career, I cannot mention them all, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!