It’s a Leap of Faith

      Abraham F. Doctor – Magna Cum Laude
      Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
      Polytechnic University of the Philippines

          Maybe we just think too little of ourselves. That is the life lesson us pessimists must permit ourselves to learn. Being in the middle of adolescence and adulthood, you might struggle with what you think is permissible to your abilities, especially if like me, you have failed again and again in the past. You are the non-achiever, the unexploited talent, and you believe that if you try to step out of your comfort zone you would be slapped in the face with the fact that you cannot make it. But no one does make it. Not without failures. What you need is to, for once, believe in yourself. Be brave enough to try. Be brave enough to fail. Be brave enough to let yourself learn by facing your mistakes. Sometimes it’s just a leap of faith, and the worst that could happen is you fall into the ground. Stand up. We still have a lot of failures ahead of us.