I Made It

     Jermi Miah L. Sabile –  Cum Laude
     Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics
     la Concepcion College

I was a student whose dreams came true. I want to express my deepest gratitude to all who supported me. First, I thank God because He is the great provider to all my needs. He answered all my prayers and without Him, I am nothing.

Secondly, I thank my family who supported me, especially my mother who really worked hard just to give my needs. To my friends, thank you for supporting me emotionally and for always staying by my side.

Lastly, I thank Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation, Inc., Mr. Juanito S. Gamboa, Mr. Edward Joseph M. Vitug, and Ma’am Julie, and to all the other trustees. I am very thankful for the scholarship you have granted me. You are one of my answered prayers that helped me to finish my studies. To be part of the foundation is a great experience. God bless you all!