Glimpse of Hope

     Arnelyn S. Pactao-in – Cum Laude
     Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Physical Science
     Carlos Hilado Memorial State College – Talisay Campus

My story of gratefulness started when Simplicio Gamboa Sr. (SGS) Foundation Inc. gave me hope and opened a lot of opportunities for me. It was such a privilege to be one of the chosen scholars of the Foundation.  It is a great opportunity to go to college without having to pay tuition fees and miscellaneous fees, while being given an allowance each semester. Through the Foundation, I got to know other scholars with different stories of overcoming difficulties and emerging successful; and it did not surprise me that we share the same belief, cliché as it may sound, that poverty is never a hindrance to success.

What fascinates me as well are the people behind the good works of the Foundation, I get to know one of them (who prefers to be anonymous), our Bacolod coordinator. She would share life lessons and would ask about the progress of our studies and would sometimes have a little talk and would laugh about things.

The Foundation is my so called “extended family.”  I get to feel motivated to go to school everyday and exert my best to my studies because I know that the Foundation believes in me, in my capabilities to achieve my goals.

April 4, 2019, Graduation Day, was the day I was able to harvest the fruit of my sleepless nights and hardships endured.  No words of gratitude can describe how thankful I am to SGS Foundation.  I graduated with flying colors and I owe this whole lot to the Foundation. Throughout my lifetime, I will always be proud to say that I was once a scholar of SGS and it will forever be cherished. To my next journey, I will bring the life lessons being an SGS scholar has taught me. 

May the Foundation inspire and help more young people who are financially handicapped but who deserve to be helped. God bless the Foundation and the people behind the good works. Congratulations!