Gift from God

     Divina Rose A. Gonzales – Cum Laude
     Bachelor of Science in Business Administration  – Marketing Management
     Bulacan Agricultural State College

Time flies so fast. After many years of waiting, I finally got my degree. One of my goals in life was unlocked by the help of my family, Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation and through the guidance of our almighty God. I still can’t believe that I made it.

I remember the day Ms. Julie texted me, it was May 08, 2015 at 9:00 o’clock in the morning saying congratulations because I was accepted as a scholar of the SGS FOUNDATION. That time, all of us were so happy and excited because finally I can continue my studies in college without thinking about my financial needs.

So what can I say about them? Being a scholar of SGS Foundation wasn’t easy because we need to maintain the high standards of education that they are looking for. On my interview, I was pressured. I knew my responsibilities as a scholar. One of them is to achieve high grades and to avoid getting low grades. If you are thinking it’s hard, well it really was. But remember to always think that there are no hindrances to achieve your goal. All you need to do is to focus and study hard. So I did it, I studied and focused on my goals and responsibilities. That’s why I’m here right now.

Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation is one the best gifts I’ve ever received from God.  Through this scholarship program, I was motivated in doing everything, and I became an achiever of the year by myself. I was molded through their endless generosity to all students who can’t afford their education. So I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude. To all of the Board of Trustees, thank you so much for your generosity by supporting us financially, especially to Sir EJ, Sir Percy and Ms. Julie who helped us fix our requirements. We are always thankful for all that you’ve done for us.

We all know that education is very important to everyone. This is the only treasure we can have that no one can steal. So to my fellow scholars if you will have a chance to continue your studies and to pursue your dreams, grab and treasure it because not all of us are given a chance to have it.

May God continue to bless Simplicio Gamboa Sr. FOUNDATION and the people behind it. Thank you very much and good luck to all of us!

Congratulations to all 2019 graduates!