Game Changer

     Miguel Angelo E. Sarmiento
     Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
     Polytechnic University of the Philippines

           Just when you thought that your dreams are already over, miracles start crawling in your life and you won’t notice it coming. I really thought that it was over for me when I knew that my first scholarship would not support me anymore. I cried and prayed to the Lord for something that seems impossible knowing all other scholarships do not accept applications anymore.

          Then, time came when the Lord answered my prayer and it was the Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Scholarship that came knocking at my life’s door. I didn’t hesitate and was eager to submit the requirements. I couldn’t stop being happy that day that I was notified for an orientation for the new scholars. I didn’t know if I deserved to be in that place but God knows why.

          I just want to thank everyone at the Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation for giving me hope and an opportunity to be one of their scholars. I’m not the perfect student, yet they never gave up on me. Thank you for being able to provide for my fifth and final year in my college degree. If it were not for them, I wouldn’t be able to march with flying colors. It truly is a game changer that the SGS Family came into my life and saved me in my run as an aspiring engineer. Thank you Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation for being the blessing that I’ve cried and prayed for. More blessings and power for this family!