Bridge of Success

     Jennielaine E. Habulan – Cum Laude
     Bachelor of Technology major in Electronics Engineering Technology
     Technological University of the Philippines – Manila

Sincere, Generous and Surely reliable – SGS gave emphasis to these words. I was once blown with my family’s situation and it was almost impossible for me to pursue studies even though I was in a state university. I almost thought of giving it a moment to rest and maybe I could find hope in some other time. I was devastated and all negativities came closer to my mind. I was weak, I lost strength, and I was not me.

Luckily, I bumped with someone who have beaming viewpoints, ideas and experiences in surpassing life struggles. With this, I started to console and convince myself that I can also be like someone who has a strong will and determination. I can also achieve something regardless of my status in life.

I’m still in a mix of fact and fantasy – I feel surreal that I just graduated. In four years of my college life, I’ve learned that consequences are just with us – hanging around. It is for you to choose whether to pick up the good ones or the opposite. Everything bounces back, every decision and every move. I’ve also learned to choose the best people to be with. I would rather be with people who may be rough in style but are honest in character. I’ve also met Stephen Covey, not in real life but in one of his great works, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” who mentioned that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, is not an act, but a habit.” That is always stuck on my mind. Giving and surrendering yourself in everything that you do could be a great passageway towards success. Reading this self-help book definitely gave new knowledge and even changed my perception in some other things.

Despite everything, I strived hard to get good grades and even went to the office of the student affairs to seek for financial assistance. That is how Prof. Randymax Bulaquit of TUP-Manila introduced the respected Simplicio Gamboa Sr. Foundation to me. A bit of hope rose as I began to complete all the requirements or interviews needed. Through this, I would really like to express my appreciation to Ma’am Juliet Mendoza for giving me the chance to be a part of the SGS Scholars’ Organization. I’m extremely moved for all the sacrifices and efforts you have given to us. Once again, thank you. 

I also want to share this success to my family who gave their unwavering support, love, encouragement and understanding. Despite all the short-comings, they served as an inspiration to firmly continue what I have started and make the most out of it.