Accounting Assistant (Payables)


To ensure timely and punctual payment of company liabilities.


Technical Duties:

  1. Check and timely preparation of request for payment or check voucher prepared by Section Staff duly submitted such as cash advances of employees, payment to supplier, contractor, employees and other business partners including the liquidation and reimbursement submitted.
  2. Check the incentives subject for release and review the payment made by the customer whether already cleared by the bank.
  3. Check and review the supporting document related to the preparation of request for payment which includes Official Receipts, Sales Invoice, Delivery Receipt, Receiving Report, Itinerary of Travel and verify the veracity and the authenticity of the documents submitted.
  4. Coordinate with the other division or department of Unit 206-401 regarding on liquidation, reimbursement and other payable.
  5. Ensure that all information related to the request for payment are properly encoded in the Accounts Payable.
  6. Monitor of the Cash Advance made by the employee, contractor, suppliers and other and prepare reconciliation report.
  7. Responsible on the timely submission of documents to Group Management for proper recording.
  8. Responsible in daily checking of the documents forwarded by the other department of the company such as Sales Department, Purchasing Department, Logistics Department, and Technical Service Department are properly observe by the Section Staff.
  9. Coordinate with the Sales Department regarding on the expenses incurred and to identify if it is part of cost of sales or operating expenses.
  10. Responsible in coordinating with the other division/department regarding on justification and further compliance to support the expenses subject for liquidation or reimbursement.
  11. Responsible in protecting the confidentially of reports and documents under possession and avoid circumstances wherein vital documents is visible to other employee.
  12. Ensure that the petty cash fund and common operational fund of all unit/division are intact.
  13. Check the timely processing and releasing of petty cash fund and common operation fund.
  14. Responsible in replenishment of petty cash fund and common operational fund.
  15. Ensure that all liquidations and reimbursement under the petty cash fund and common operational fund are duly supported by documents such as receipts, itinerary of travel, purchase requisitions, purchase order and among others.
  16. Ascertain the veracity of all the documents/attachment submitted in conformity with the guidelines and procedures of the company.
  17. Handed over the responsibility to look after every details and record of payment that are due to be made to different supplier and creditor.
  18. Coordinate with the Group Management regarding on check payment particularly on checks to be entrusted to unit/division.

Administrative Duties:

  1. Maintain unit/division record and ensure regular filing and sorting of documents.

Other Duties

  1. Attend unit/division meeting on the schedule to be set by the Division Manager including Opcom Meeting in behalf of Inventory Section.
  2. Entertain inquiries, answer questions and to act on the request of other division/department through phone or mail.
  3. Ensure the submission of information regarding on the preparation of Business Plan such as actual expenses incurred by each division.


  • Graduate of BS Accountancy or any related course
  • with at least 1-2 years experience in general accounting
  • Knowledgeable – MS Word, Excel, Power Point