Accounting Assistant (Invoicing)


Punctual preparation of Sales Invoice


Technical Duties:

  1. Ensure the accuracy of the Purchase and Sales Orders and other related documents concerning the preparation of Sales Invoice.
  2. Responsible in checking the accuracy of the documents submitted for the preparation of Sales Invoice such as the selling price, gross profit rates on per product basis and the computation of Cost of Sales.
  3. Ensure the availability of the stocks through coordination with the Warehouse Department and ensure in the preparation of Job Order, Assembly Orders, Project Time Table and imputed Incentives.
  4. Timely and regular submission /transmittal of all documents to Logistic Department for the preparation of daily loading and deliveries of the Invoicing Section.
  5. Ensures the Sales Department the compliance of daily sales cut-off being implemented in order o provide Logistics Manager accurate information regarding on orders made by client and due for delivery the following day.
  6. Ensures the on time in the preparation of the monthly Sales Commission and ensures that all the condition of the company regarding sales incentives.
  7. Ensure that all Sales Order submitted by Sales Department were reviewed by the Credit and Collection Department for the credit approval and submitted to the Office of the Executive Asst. to the President and CEO.
  8. On time submission to Group Management all sales related documents and report for the preparation of Financial Statement.
  9. Responsible in checking whether the sales transaction has imputed incentives and ensure the proper set up in the Hexent System.
  10. Exercise meticulous checking of cost of sales duly computed by the Sales Department and ensure the compliance of the policy.
  11. Coordinate with the Sales Department regarding on the promo scheme such as rebates, discounts and incentives.
  12. Responsible in coordinating with the Logistic and Unit Accounting Staff – Invoicing Section regarding on printing Sales Invoice committed to deliver immediately.
  13. Ensure the availability of stocks and ensure that Warehouse Receiving Report is already encoded or entered before doing the preparation of Sales Invoice.
  14. Ensure that the Sales Invoices are intact so that they can be matched easily in case of going back on previous transaction.
  15. To provide assurance regarding on the proper coordination with the Sales Coordinator about the concerns and issues on the item, price, discount, and including the computation of incentives.
  16. Ensure in protecting the confidentially of the documents under possession and to avoid the circumstances wherein vital documents is visible to other employee.
  17. Responsible to collect information from receiving and stocking of Sales Department to verify the material, job order, the assembly and the availability of stock.

Administrative Duties:

  1. Prepare and monitor the preparation of payroll every 10th and 25th day of each month and ensures the compliance of all supporting documents needed such as Leave of Absences, Direct to Customer/Home, Under-time and Overtime Forms and other documents to support the employees attendance.
  2. Ensures on time preparation of Sales Report based on weekly, monthly and year to date report and ensure the submission of the report every Wednesday (weekly) and five (5) days after the monthly sales cut off (monthly) following the per product, per segment and per salesmen templates.

Other Supporting Duties

  1. Entertain inquiries, answer questions and to act on the request of various customers, suppliers and other business partners either through phone or mail.
  2. To attend the division meeting depending on the schedule to be set by the Division Manager including attending the opcom meeting.
  3. To perform any other task that maybe assigned from time to time by the Finance Manager.


  • Graduate of BS Accountancy or any related course
  • With at least 1-2 years experience and with knowledge in Accounting procedures
  • Knowledgeable – MS Word, Excel, Power Point