Accounting Assistant II


The main purpose of the position is to assist in the preparation and finalization  of assigned  company’s financial report with a lessen supervision from his/her superior.


Technical Duties:

  • Ensure that all books of accounts are consistently closed each month in time for FS preparation.
  • Submits timely schedules such as;
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • AR Reconciliation
    • Inventory Reconciliation
    • EWT reconciliation
    • Schedule of Advances
    • All others that the unit or immediate superior may require.
  • Complies with the guidelines of the accounting systems as used by units such as Communion, NetSuite  and any systems that the Group Management may use..
    • Encoding /Checking of CM/DM from Fund Management
    • Perform Monthly adjusting entries
    • Checking and Posting of
      • CM/DM (AR)
      • Deposits
      • Collection Reports
      • Receiving Reports
      • Job Orders
      • Sales Invoice/Delivery Receipt ( if needed)
  • Prepares product costs.
  • Coordinates with unit Accounting and Credit and Collection for account analysis and schedules.
  • Prepare Lapsing schedule of Properties

Administrative Duties:

  • Provide assistance to other accounting assistants of Group Management and Business Units accounting and credit and collections.
  • All administrative assignments that may be assigned.

Other Support Duties:

  • Assistance in any ISO related activities
  • Participates in GM activities such as 4dx, etc.
  • Filing of documents


  • Graduate of BS Accountancy, Accounting Technology, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting or any Business related course
  • With at least two  (2) years relevant experience in accounting
  • Knowledge of bookkeeping and Phil. Financial Reporting System and related tax laws.