Account Specialist I


To ensure all credit and collection documents was timely and properly prepared, recorded, safekeep and submitted to custodian.


  1. Ensure Sales and collection documents are properly signed and accomplished by Customers and other signatories
  2. Conduct rigid credit investigation of new customers with fully accomplished customer information sheet (CIS) including necessary requirements and customer’s authorization for bank credit investigation
  3. Prepare and monitor transmittal of customer’s statement of account, demand/collection letters, counter receipts and secure copies of document mentioned.
  4. Prepare, monitor and assign daily collection schedules of collectors and check Collection/Acknowledge Receipt issued by Collectors.
  5. Conducts regular collection follow ups through phone calls, text messages, emails to customer with outstanding balances.
  6. Coordinates and communicates with Sales Operation Department regarding problems encountered related to customer’s account and relays issues and information relative to collection status of customers.
  7. Responsible in preparing accurate daily sales of collection report, AR credit memo (debit memo), credit memo EWT/EVAT and other adjustments related to customer’s account.
  8. Check and reconcile Credit and Collection document prior to securing approval from EAP/QMR or Unit CEO/President.
  9. Check and reconcile and distribute Aging of Receivables (AR) per salesman on a monthly basis or upon request of Sales Operation Department.
  10. Check completeness of credit and collection documents before securing the file.
  11. Implement and adhere with the policy of the company on handling accounts of customers.
  12. Check thoroughly Sales Invoice, Delivery Receipt, Counter Receipt, Contracts, Collection/Receipts and other collection documents transmitted by Warehouse & Logistics Personnel.
  13. Prepares Credit Memo based on returned goods slip (RGS) transmitted by warehouse personnel. Ensure monthly reconciliation with Warehouse & Logistics Department pending issuance of adjustment.
  14. Check reconcile and post online payments in the system based on validated deposit slip with collection receipt attached given by Sales Operation Department.
  15. Check abnormal balances and receivables with variance and prepares necessary adjusting entries.
  16. Issue and monitor Collection Receipt/Acknowledgement Receipt when needed.
  17. Conduct monthly reconciliation of Accounts and Aging Receivables and discuss with Sales Operation Department.
  18. Check and remit in full/complete and on time all collections.
  19. Check and monitor the status of bounced checks.
  20. Check and prepare documents relative to account of customer before endorsing it to the Legal Department.
  21. Prepare and compute compromise agreement or restructuring of accounts.

Other Supporting  Duties:

  1. Day to day transmittal of credit and collection documents to proper custodian.
  2. Performs field collection if needed.
  3. Attend Court Hearing
  4. Attend Departmental Meeting and Coordination Meeting.


  • Graduate of BS Accountancy or equivalent
  • With at least 1-2 years experience in C & C, AR and is knowledgeable in other Accounting procedures
  • Knowledgeable – MS Word, Excel, Power Point